From hailing a taxi to negotiating a big contract, Arab Academy gives your staff the language skills they need to not just survive, but also thrive in Cairo.

Custom programs for companies and embassies:
Increase the productivity and competency of your non-Egyptian staff with custom Arabic programs taught at your site by our expert instructors.

Part-time programs for expat residents:
For companies with a small number of foreign employees, you can enroll your staff in small group and private courses in Egyptian Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic and business Arabic in the morning, afternoon and evenings in centrally located Garden City.

The ability to communicate in Arabic gives foreign residents of Egypt the skills and confidence necessary to make life here easier and better, leading them to focus and increase performance at work and to communicate with Egyptians they deal with at the office or worksite. Arab Academy offers flexible courses for expats, either in Modern Standard Arabic or Egyptian Colloquial. Our services are used by private companies, government agencies, and international organizations in Cairo and beyond.