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Arab Academy is the approved “Study Abroad” center for Cambridge University, Durham University and University of Pennsylvania

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Modern Standard Arabic
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Arabic Singing

Students of Arabic singing an Arabic song at their farewell party at Arab Academy.


Certified and licensed by the Egyptian government, our journey began in 1997. Since our establishment, we have positioned ourselves as the leading provider of Arabic language and culture instruction. We are the world’s pioneer in Arabic e-learning, dedicated to delivering online Arabic language courses through the integration of technology and cutting-edge teaching methods.

At Arab Academy, our mission is to empower students with skills and knowledge to communicate effectively in Arabic, promoting academic excellence through professionally developed Arabic language programs. We are committed to providing enriching and unforgettable learning experiences where students can quickly improve their Arabic, grow in confidence, and develop personally in the modern world.


Our boardroom-style classrooms cultivate a friendly and interactive learning environment among learners and instructors.

To elevate learning experiences, we keep pace with the latest trends in education and teaching methodologies as well as technology tools and platforms. Our goal is to ensure that our coursework seamlessly adapts to new technological advancements in today’s world.

We strive to deliver an exceptional learning experience in all facets of our services, complemented by highly-trained language specialists in a supportive environment.

Because no size-fits-all, we help our students flourish inside and outside of the classroom and reach their full potential by giving them weekly personalized feedbacks and one-on-one guidance.




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