Course Tracks

Arab Academy’s full-time study abroad program is designed for students who wish to improve their Arabic skills greatly in a short amount of time while gaining an unparalleled understanding of Middle Eastern politics, religion, culture and society. Arabic courses are offered to students at all levels, from those who know no Arabic to those who already have advanced skills. Class sizes are small, with a maximum of 8 students per class. You get a different teacher each hour, to maximize exposure to different teaching methods and styles.

Students and resident expats interested in studying with us for any amount of time may enroll in any of the Arabic language courses, with new classes starting every month. Full-time (20 hours of class) and half-time options (10 hours of class) and flexible options are available. Private one-on-one classes are available starting at any time.

During each semester, a full-time course load normally consists of 4 hours of class per day 5 days a week for a total of 16 semester units. Students normally take courses in Modern Standard Arabic and Egyptian Arabic. We supplement some Arabic courses with integrated cultural outings during and outside of class time with teachers, as well as hands-on cultural activities like cooking and calligraphy and lectures by Egyptian experts in a variety of fields.

Students are placed in the appropriate level of Arabic based on Arab Academy’s Arabic Language Placement Exam, which is offered for free to individual study abroad students. Upon registration, you may take this test right away from home before arriving in Egypt (preferred), or take it upon arrival in Cairo at least 1 weeks before your start date. Students in Arabic courses also gain access to our online Arabic learning material for the duration of their enrollment in our study abroad program and for 2 weeks after departure.